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This is post 4 in our Campervan Conversion Journey, to start from the beginning see Guide to Converting a Standard Transporter Van to a Stylish Well Equipped Campervan

Do You Name Your Campervan Before or After it’s Been Fitted Out?

If you have read our previous posts you will know we’ve had the transporter van that we are having converted delivered and are just about to start the conversion and fitting out.

After seeing it for the 1st time my youngest child asked me;

“What are we going to call her?”

This got me thinking – Do we name her before the fit out, during the fit out or after she has been converted and is completely finished?

Thinking about it more, if we name her now it might restrict us to what sort of finish we giver her

For example, if we call her Sunflower it might look a bit odd if we then go for a red interior and d├ęcor and we might be swayed to do everything in Yellow.

In the End We named our Campervan ???

After a lot of careful thought we decided to see how the fit out progresses before naming her, we may even have a competition nearer completion date and see what others suggest (No Campy McCampface please)

Follow our Campervan Conversion Journey Here – DVLA Guidance on Motorhome Conversions

I would be interested to hear when others name their campervans, do you have a name in mind right from the start, wait until it’s finished and pick a name to suit her or not even bother naming your Campervan?

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